WITH ART Opening, Sombo A Diba, July 6

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For Immediate Release: June 26, 2013

Sombo A Diba
A new WITH ART Community Project
Created by Casimiro Nhussi with the African Community of Manitoba Inc. (ACOMI)

June 26, 2013 – Winnipeg – A new dance piece developed through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Community WITH ART Program will have a showcase on Saturday, July 6 at 8:00 pm at the Gas Station Arts Centre. The work, entitled Sombo A Diba was created by local choreographer Casimiro Nhussi and will feature volunteer dancers from the African Community of Manitoba Inc. (ACOMI).

Sombo A Diba (meaning “celebration of marriage” in the Duala language) is a 30-minute dance piece using African dance, songs and traditional stories. This new dance work will highlight everyday life in an African village, including hunting, farming, collecting water from the river, consultation with a traditional healer, falling in love and getting married.

The Winnipeg Arts Council’s WITH ART Community Program partners professional artists with community groups to work on community identity, issues, and shared goals through the de-velopment of an art project. The dancers are all active with ACOMI and have been preparing for the showcase for over a year.  The work is intended to express and exhibit aspects of African culture that might not be familiar to Winnipeggers at large, and to give a voice to new Canadians.

“For newly-arrived Africans and their families in Manitoba, Canada, the challenges of adjusting to life in a new culture and community are many. These challenges are amplified when cultural differences come into play,” said André Doumbe, ACOMI’s President. “Reducing these challenges for new Africans is the core of ACOMI’s goals and objectives.  And the first step to accomplish this is to show and explain to our host community who we are and how we live. By creating Sombo A Diba, ACOMI’s aim is to showcase the deep essence of African culture, and its focus on humanity and community living.”

Sombo A Diba is the third WITH ART Project to open to the public in as many months. Its Gallery of Public Artwork page is here.

More information about the African Community of Manitoba Inc can be found at http://www.acomi.ca

Sombo A Diba
a dance showcase with the African Community of Manitoba Inc. (ACOMI)
Created by Casimiro Nhussi through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s WITH ART Community Art Program
Saturday, July 6, 8:00 PM
Gas Station Arts Centre, 445 River Ave
Admission is free
Reception to follow