• About the Artist Directory

    This directory is not to be considered comprehensive. The Winnipeg Arts Council reserves the right to include/exclude submissions. Inclusion in the directory does not indicate the Winnipeg Arts Council’s support/endorsement of any particular artist.

    To be added to the Artist Directory, please contact info@winnipegarts.ca with all of the pertinent info.

  • How to Submit

    For inclusion in the directory, please forward:

    - Artist’s name
    - Artist’s Email Address
    - Artist’s Website (if available)
    - Artist’s Specialties/Mediums (can select multiple):


    Public Art

    • PublicArt


    •  Choreography
    • Contemporary Dance
    • Ballet


    • Animation
    • Producer - Film/Video
    • Director - Film/Video
    • Camera - Film/Video
    • Acting-Film/Video
    • Sound-Film/Video


    • Journalism
    • Novel Writing
    • Poetry Writing
    • Short Story Writing
    • Writing


    • Audio/Video Production
    • Songwriting
    • Music Composition
    • Singing
    • Woodwind
    • Brass
    • Percussion
    • Guitar
    • Piano

      New Media

    • Graphic Design
    • Physical Computing
    • Sound Sculpture


    • Producer-Theatre
    • Director-Theatre
    • Acting-Theatre
    • Dramaturgy
    • Playwriting

      Visual Arts

    • Murals
    • Fashion Design
    • Digital Art
    • Mixed Media
    • Curation
    • Multimedia
    • Craft
    • Installation
    • Architecture
    • Design
    • Collage
    • Drawing
    • Jewelry
    • Painting
    • Performance Art
    • Photography
    • Printmaking
    • Sculpture
    • Woodworking


    Please send all info to tcooper@winnipegarts.ca for inclusion in the WAC Artist Directory.

    If your medium of choice is not included in this list, please mention that in your application email.

Artist Directory

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Shawn Adrian Writing
Gabriela Inés Agüero Collage, Curation, Drawing, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting, Photography, PublicArt, Writing
Yisa Akinbolaji Graphic Design, Mosaic, Painting
Ash Alberg Performance Art, Textile and Fibre
Zorya Arrow Contemporary Dance
Gerry Atwell Mixed Media, Producer - Film/Video, Writing
Jolene Bailie Contemporary Dance
Louis Bakó Sculpture
Colette Balcaen MultiDisciplinary
Diana Brandt Playwriting, Poetry Writing, Writing
Charlene Brown Sculpture
Sarah Collard Murals
Chris Cormier Animation
Karen Cornelius Printmaking
Sarah Crawley Photography
Leah Decter Mixed Media
Jodi Dunlop Design, Painting, Photography, Singing, Songwriting
Lisa Ewasko Installation, Photography
Will J Fawley Writing
Kevin Friedrich Painting, Sculpture
Marc Greene Director - Film/Video
Ufuk Gueray Painting
Randy Guest Director - Film/Video, Producer - Film/Video
Grant Guy Playwriting, Producer-Theatre, Writing
Natasha Halayda Mixed Media, Sculpture
Greg Hanec Director - Film/Video, Producer - Film/Video, Sound-Film/Video
Yvette Hawkes Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Poetry Writing, Short Story Writing, Writing
Jim Hiscott Music Composition
Stefanie Johnson Design, Painting, Photography, Singing, Songwriting
Leigh-Anne Kehler Acting-Theatre, Playwriting
Steve Kirby Music Composition
Heather Komus Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Frances Koncan Director-Theatre, Playwriting
Charles Konowal Producer - Film/Video
Rob Kovitz Artist Books
Jesse Krause Music Composition
Trevor Kristjanson Director - Film/Video, Producer - Film/Video
Pat Lazo Painting
Ryan Lotecki Drawing, Sculpture
Sylvia Matas Drawing
Gino Mazzei Painting
Erin McGrath Acting-Theatre, Director-Theatre
Brenda McLean Acting-Theatre, Director-Theatre, Producer-Theatre
Andrew Milne Mixed Media
Ian Mozdzen Acting-Theatre, Contemporary Dance, Performance Art
Tyrone Otte Director - Film/Video, Producer - Film/Video
Alex Passey Writing
Debbie Patterson Acting-Theatre, Director-Theatre, Playwriting, Producer-Theatre
Theo Pelmus Installation, Mixed Media, Performance Art
Corrie Peters Installation, Performance Art
Ellen Peterson Acting-Theatre, Playwriting
Heidi Phillips Director - Film/Video, Installation, Producer - Film/Video
Paul Plett Director - Film/Video, Producer - Film/Video
Cameron Popham Sound Sculpture, Writing
Johanna Riley Contemporary Dance
Daniel Romphf Installation, Photography
Darren Sakwi Sculpture
Orjan Sandred Music Composition
Rebecca Sawdon Contemporary Dance
Gurpreet Sehra Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Nicole Shimonek Drawing, Sculpture
Pip Skid Songwriting
Suzie Smith Animation, Music Composition, Printmaking
Krsitin Snowbird Director - Film/Video, Mixed Media, Producer - Film/Video
Jennifer Still Poetry Writing
Leonard Sumner Singing, Songwriting
Robert Taite Installation, Painting, Performance Art
Daniel Thau-Eleff Playwriting
Kerri Twigg Playwriting
Michelle Urrutia Mixed Media, Writing
Neil Weisensel Music Composition
Susan Aydan Abbott Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Gabriela Ines Aguero Collage, Curation, Installation, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Murals, Painting, Photography, PublicArt, Writing
Jennifer Antonio Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting
Karen Asher Photography
Queti Azurin Drawing, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Murals, Painting
Jean Bachynsky Painting, Sculpture
Jolene Bailie Choreography, Contemporary Dance, Director-Theatre, Producer-Theatre
Andrew Balfour Music Composition, Singing
Jonathan Ball Writing
Stephanie Ballard Choreography
Tiff Bartel Graphic Design, Multimedia
Toby Bartlett Design, Graphic Design, Installation, Photography, Sculpture
Rocky Bergen Animation, Architecture, Audio/Video Production, Design, Digital Art, Drawing, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Performance Art, Writing
Joanne Berger Digital Art, Painting
Tadeusz Biernacki Conducting, Musical Director, Music Composition, Orchestral Arrangement, Piano, Publishing, Sound-Film/Video
Cullen Bingeman
Lawrence Bird Architecture, Producer - Film/Video
Heather Bishop Guitar, Painting, Piano, Singing, Songwriting
Lindsey Bond Multimedia, Photography
Michael Boss Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Writing
Heather Boyd Painting
Pauline A Braun Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking
Jill Brooks Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Marlene A. Campbell Painting, Printmaking
Debora Cardaci Collage, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Tatiana Carnevale Director-Theatre, Dramaturgy, Producer-Theatre
Dave Carty Design, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting
Lori Cayer Poetry Writing, Writing
Yvette Cenerini Collage, Digital Art, Painting
Susan Chafe MultiDisciplinary
Lindsey Childs Craft, Jewellery
Christopher Chuckry Digital Art, Drawing, Painting
Aimee Copper Conway Digital Art, Graphic Design
Karen Cornelius Printmaking
Marilyn Craggs Mixed Media
James Culleton Design, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Shawna Dempsey Curation, Performance Art, Producer - Film/Video, Writing
June Derksen Craft, Glass Art, Graphic Design
Lynn Devisscher Painting
Dylan Doom Animation, Graphic Design
Michael Dudeck Performance Art
Karen Dudley Writing
Carleigh Duncan-Doyle Drawing, Painting
Vincent Ellin Woodwind
Alexandra Elliot Choreography
David Ellis Painting
Cori Jaye Elston Painting
JR Emslie Drawing, Painting
Alex Espinosa Fashion Design
Glenna Evans Mulvihill Collage, Craft, Curation, Design, Drawing, Jewellery, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Textile and Fibre
Jessica Evans Digital Art, Multimedia, Painting
Rosella Farmer Collage, Drawing, Painting
Kevin Fawley Collage
Tanja Faylene Woloshen Choreography, Contemporary Dance
Christine Fellows Music Composition, Songwriting, Writing
Brianna Ferguson Choreography, Contemporary Dance
Janice Finlay Brass, Music Composition, Woodwind
Gordon Fitzell Music Composition
Donna Fletcher Acting-Theatre, Director-Theatre, Producer-Theatre, Singing
Danielle Fontaine Koslowsky Painting
Kevin Friedrich Painting, Sculpture
Karen Gabutero Craft, Digital Art, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting
Brenna George Painting, Producer - Film/Video
Naomi Gerrard Collage, Painting
Ashley Gillanders Photography
Peter C. Graham Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Carol Graham Drawing, Mixed Media, Pen and Ink
Daniel Gregg Drawing, Painting
Ken Gregory Installation, Multimedia, Physical Computing, Producer - Film/Video, Sound Sculpture
Isaac Gutwilik Audio/Video Production, Percussion, Sound-Film/Video
Simone Hébert Allard Writing
Faye Hall Painting
Erika Hanneson Ceramics
Nicole Harder Drawing, Painting
Tonya Hart Painting, PublicArt, Sculpture
Brenda Hasiuk Writing
Mahida Hemendrasinh Craft, Mixed Media, Murals, Sculpture, Textile and Fibre
Genevie Henderson Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Bonnie Hildebrand Painting
Kathleen Hiley Contemporary Dance
Vincent Ho Music Composition
Richard Holden Photography, Writing
Kathy Hookam Painting
Wren Hookey Director-Theatre, Playwriting, Producer-Theatre
Ric Hornsby Photography
Sandi Howell Painting, Photography, Short Story Writing, Textile and Fibre, Writing
Aaron Hutton Music Composition
JNZNBRK Mixed Media
Alicia Johnson Acting-Film/Video, Acting-Theatre
Kendra Jones Acting-Theatre
Ruth Kamenev Painting, Photography
Jo'Anne Kelly Ceramics, Jewellery, Painting
Aleem Khan Design, Jewellery, Photography, Sculpture
Neda Kianmehr Collage, Drawing, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Painting
Danielle King Animation, Digital Art, Drawing, Painting, Producer - Film/Video
Christine Kirouac Director - Film/Video, Drawing, Painting, Performance Art, Photography
Frances Koncan Director-Theatre, Playwriting
Jeff Kowerchuk Director-Theatre, Producer-Theatre
Rachael Anne Kroeker Craft, Sculpture
Renée Lamoureux Singing, Songwriting
Lasha MultiDisciplinary, Performance Art
Annmarie Layman Collage, Painting
Colleen Leduc Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Emilie Lemay Painting
Genevieve Levausseur MultiDisciplinary
Angela Lillico Collage, Painting
Frank Livingston Mixed Media
Robert Lowdon Mixed Media, Photography
Jake MacDonald Playwriting, Writing
Jerry Magnusson Painting
Dennis Maione Novel Writing, Writing
Connie Manfredi Acting-Theatre, Musical Theatre
Linda McCallum Jewellery, Painting, Photography
Warren McClelland Acting-Film/Video, Acting-Theatre, Choreography, Contemporary Dance
Pat McCullough Painting
Randal McIlroy Journalism, Writing
RFM McInnis Painting
Hope McIntyre Acting-Theatre, Director-Theatre, Dramaturgy, Playwriting, Producer-Theatre
Dimitry Melman Mosaic, Painting
Doug Melnyk Performance Art
Chantal Mierau Craft, Digital Art, Installation, Multimedia, Performance Art, Printmaking
Lorri Millan Curation, Performance Art, Producer - Film/Video, Writing
Jordan Miller Mixed Media, Painting
Paul Misseghers Photography
Michael Mogatas Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Bev Morton Collage
Shawna Munro Craft, Installation, Multimedia, Sculpture
Mark Nabess Singing, Songwriting
Sara Naji Collage, Drawing, Jewellery, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Woodworking
Kristin Nelson Craft, Curation, Digital Art, Installation, Painting, Printmaking
Robert Nickel Photography
Luba Olesky Painting
Linda Olzewski Mixed Media, Painting
Justin Otto Acting-Film/Video, Acting-Theatre
Reymond Pagé Drawing, Painting, Photography, Writing
Sam Penner Choreography, Contemporary Dance
Bev Pike Painting, Producer - Film/Video, Writing
Praba Pilar Digital Art, Mixed Media, Multimedia
Eric Plamondon Acting-Film/Video, Acting-Theatre, Short Story Writing, Writing
Denise Prefontaine Sculpture, Writing
Dany Reede Collage, Murals, Painting
Dominique Rey Director - Film/Video, Installation, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Producer - Film/Video
Melanie Rocan Painting
Tyrone Rogers Painting
Sonja Rosenberg Jewellery
Kelly Ruth Mixed Media
Michel Saint Hilaire Murals, Painting
Brodie Sanderson Acting-Film/Video, Acting-Theatre, Guitar, Journalism, Percussion, Playwriting, Producer - Film/Video, Producer-Theatre, Singing, Songwriting
Tim Schouten Collage, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Writing
Jill Sellers Painting, Sculpture
Kelsey Smith Collage, Digital Art, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Kevin Strong Acting-Film/Video, Acting-Theatre, Audio/Video Production, Brass, Design, Director-Theatre, Music Composition, Photography, Playwriting, Poetry Writing, Producer-Theatre, Short Story Writing, Singing, Songwriting, Writing
Judy Sutton Painting
Aija Aleksandra Svenne Drawing, Painting
Erica Swendrowski PublicArt, Sculpture
Gaetanne Sylvester Collage, Drawing, Installation, Printmaking, Sculpture
Kevin Tabahchnick Camera - Film/Video, Director - Film/Video, Producer - Film/Video
Bonnie Taylor Collage, Drawing, Novel Writing, Painting
Lennard Taylor Fashion Design
Dawn M Teasdale Jewellery
Butch The Caricature Artist
Becky Thiessen
Thomas Toles Acting-Film/Video, Acting-Theatre, Director-Theatre, Short Story Writing, Songwriting, Writing
Natasha Torres-Garner Choreography, Contemporary Dance
Donald (Dino) Tssessaze Jr Craft, Drawing, Fashion Design, Painting
Cathie Ugrin Craft, Textile and Fibre
Liv Susan Valmestad Painting
Mia S van Leeuwen Acting-Theatre, Multimedia, Performance Art, Producer-Theatre
Mandy van Leeuwen Murals, Painting, PublicArt
Hazel Venzon Performance Art
Rhayne Vermette Director - Film/Video, Producer - Film/Video
Darnell Walker Acting-Film/Video, Architecture, Camera - Film/Video, Curation, Design, Director - Film/Video, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Producer - Film/Video, Sound-Film/Video
Curtis L. Weibe Acting-Film/Video, Director - Film/Video, Music Composition, Producer - Film/Video, Songwriting, Sound-Film/Video
Armin Wiebe Novel Writing, Playwriting, Short Story Writing, Writing
Sara Wilde Digital Art, Drawing, Sculpture
Shannon Yashcheshen Digital Art, Painting, Photography, Printmaking
Collin Zipp Mixed Media, MultiDisciplinary, Producer - Film/Video, PublicArt
Andrew Zurawsky Painting
Zenobia _ Choreography