craftastics full deck

The Craftastics: Agents For Social Change is a WITH ART project created through the Winnipeg Arts Council Public Art Program. Artist Jennie O and the girls of the Valley Gardens Middle School Grrlz Club decided to address the issues they’ve encountered as teens, like gender discrimination,  stereotyping, body-issues, depression, anxiety, gossip, peer pressure and bullying.

The group fabricated costumes and sculpted clay and cloth dolls, and one photo shoot later, The Craftastics: Agents for Social Change were created! The end product is a deck of trading cards that showcase their superhero creations.

Here you can see the full deck of cards with their explanations. 

Find out more about the project and participants through our Public Art Gallery Page. 

Contact the Winnipeg Arts Council at or at (204) 943-7668, or visit our online store to purchase your own trading card deck!