Final Report Guidelines

Upon project completion, all recipients of Winnipeg Arts Council Grants are required to submit the appropriate form along with:

  • a brief narrative description of the project undertaken, noting any variances from what was approved in the original proposal, and reflecting on the impact of the grant in terms of:
    • your art form
    • the short- and long-term impact on your practice (artists)
    • your organization and participating artists (organizations)
    • public impact and dissemination
  • a financial statement with actual revenues and expenses (complete the Final Report ACTUALS column on the Detailed Budget Template submitted with your application)
  • samples of printed materials (programs, flyers, brochures) and press materials (articles, reviews) related to the project (if applicable)

You may also include a CD with jpeg images (300dpi) related to the project for Winnipeg Arts Council public relations use.  Please include accompanying image credits: name, description of work/image, photographer, etc.

Download Report Guidelines:

Individual Artist Grants for Artists (pdf)

Professional Development Grants for Artists & Arts Administrators (pdf)

Project Grants for Arts Organizations and Collectives (pdf)