New Works by Duncan Mercredi, Winnipeg Poet Laureate

Duncan is always writing and he shares some of that new material with us here. Please visit the links below to read more.


I run my fingers over my face (April 2022)

I am a child (March 2022)

i feel the season on my face (January 2022, on the assini sipi)

connection_ (August 2021)

waiting for the light to change (an experiment with words, July 2021)

this is why i cry (May 2021)

walk with me (March 2021)

untitled (March 2021)

I slip the moccasins on (November 2020)

I love words (October 2020)

The city is a restless sleep (August 2020)

old song (July 2020)

the woman who dances (May 2020)

and it begins (April 2020)

This City Mourns (April 2020)

Untitled (March 2020)

River city (March 2020)

This City (excerpt from 2018)