Métis Land Use

Artist: Tiffany Shaw-Collinge
Program: Commission
Location: Markham Station
Date: 2019


This work explores the efforts of land rights for Métis people. One part of the artwork highlights the Red River region around 1870 and cartographies around harvesting hay, Red River Carts, berry picking, hunting, and sugaring to discuss the long-standing use and occupancy of the Métis people. The other part focuses on Métis scrip and points to a critical chapter in how land rights were given to Métis people after 1885 and the governments's advancement of extinguishing Aboriginal title for the Métis.

More information coming soon.


This work is was created through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Public Art Program in collaboration with Winnipeg Transit, PCL, and Plenary Group as part of Winnipeg's SouthWest Rapid Transitway expansion project.

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