window: A CLEARANCE FOR VISUALIZING AN UNKILLABLE JOY. by Luther Konadu: February 18 - March 31

Exhibition: February 18 - March 31, 2019

An area of clearance is a safety zone typically allocated on roadsides. It can be the designated space of entry allowed in drive-thrus or parkades. A similar idea runs central to A CLEARANCE FOR VISUALIZING AN UNKILLABLE JOY.—the idea of clearing for a designated space. The work stems from a series of figural painting works which included a built sculptural architecture called Retirement Pavilion. It is a space especially allocated for the figures to populate and inhabit. The Retirement Pavilion is thought of as a space of ease, rest, and free of all imaginable unwanted labour. This sculptural architecture is predicated on wishful thinking and make-belief. But not without foresight or contingency planning. Each iteration of Retirement Pavilion serves as an alternate to this ideal space for retiring. In expanding the vision for this work-free environment, language became another way to think through a physical reality. Rather than an object-oriented vision, A CLEARANCE, looks at the possibility of language to be a container for sculpture. Instead of physically building Retirement Pavilion, what if it is spoken (or written) into existence. What if this ideal comfort lodging can be spatially activated not by sight or surface but something rather visceral. Or perhaps embodied through the realm of imagination via linguistic form. Material sculpture can always deteriorate and disappear, but like words in a book, language has the ability to be transported forward into the future like a capsule.

Location & Accessibility

Imaginative Spaces: a public discussion will take place at aceartinc., 2-290 McDermot Ave. aceartinc. is not located in a fully accessible building (There are 5 steps before the elevator). For details visit: or call (204) 944-9763. Staff are very happy to assist in any way we can. Please let us know of any special arrangements that would make your visit as comfortable as possible.


Francesca Carella Arfinengo is a settler person of colour based in Winnipeg. She is an arts administrator and artist. Using mostly textiles, her art practice explores transculturalism, displacement and immigration. She is interested in the effects of colonialism in humanity's relationship to the land.
Luther Konadu is an emerging visual artist and writer currently residing on Treaty 1.

Citing, Collecting, Curating (CCC) is a research cluster interested in the creative acts of collecting, citing, and curating, and in considering these active iterative processes that give objects meaning. CCC is based at the University of Manitoba, with funding from the University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities. Mariana Muñoz Gomez and Gurpreet Sehra are artists and members of this research cluster.