Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art: In the Main Gallery - Torry Mendoza - Traffic Is Murder, April 5 - May 18, Artist Talk April 3, Opening Reception April 5

Running dates: April 5 – May 18, 2019

Artist Talk on Wednesday, April 3 at The Output at Video Pool Media Arts Centre, #300 - 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB

Opening Reception at Urban Shaman Gallery: Friday, April 5 at 8 pm (open to the public First Friday at 5pm)

Artist Statement

As an Indigenous artist, much of his work interrupts the long-accepted social conventions governing the interpretations of Native Americans in US mass media calling attention to issues of identity and the commodification of indigeneity and spirituality. In his work, he deconstructs these re-appropriated images to challenge and contest the original depictions while examining their original contexts through various digital media editing conventions, re-presentations and satirical juxtapositions. Torry continues to utilize varying editing techniques from datamoshing, digital glitching, to montage repetition (à la Martin Arnold) in his re-appropriated video works, which directly address indigenous issues. His experimental works combine light, layering, various special effects and focus styles, and music or sound landscapes to explore various subject matters.


Born 1970—Rome, NY, USA. Torry Mendoza is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist and is a mixed-blood Mescalero Apache. He received his formal art training in 1991 from Munson-Williams-Proctor School of Art (now PrattMWP) in Utica, NY. Torry received a BFA in film production and BA in Studio Arts (photography) from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2002. Mr. Mendoza continued to pursue film production on a full scholarship at Syracuse University (NY) where he graduated in 2007 with his MFA in film production. Since 2007, Mr. Mendoza has shown internationally in film festivals, as a solo artist and in group shows, and his works are part of various private and academic collections.