The Circus of Objects: March 25

There is a rumour circulating around the city: that Winnipeg has the smallest tabletop circus in its midst. The rumour is true. Come and see the Circus of Objects on March 25 at 7:00 pm, in its new location, X-Cues, 551 Sargent Avenue.

The Circus of Objects is a mixture of object theatre, talking clown, awkward magic acts and plenty of DADA DUMB.

There will be thrills (our kind of thrills) and guaranteed spills (and we mean spills). The acts of of the Circus of Objects, gathered in one place from the four corners of a Dollar Store near you, will astound you and have you scratching your heads wondering, "Did I really see that?"

The March 25th Circus of Objects will highlight magic and the finest and stupidest of side show acts.

So, please come. It is not a black tie event but it is a pass the hat event, so bring all that money you don't really want anyway.