Manitoba Museum: Manitoba Museum Hosts Museum's Choice: Fossil Favourites From Across Canada, an Exhibition Developed by the Canadian Natural History Museum Network

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation, members of The Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada (ANHMC) in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) and the Royal British Columbia Museum (Royal BC Museum) collaborated to produce a travelling exhibition featuring some of Canada's most famous and significant fossils. As a human and natural history museum, the Manitoba Museum is both a partner and venue for this exhibition. The exhibition is being presented at ANHMC member museums across Canada over a three-year period, and opens at the Manitoba Museum on March 8 in the Discovery Room and will run through to May 26. Admittance is included with paid admission to the Museum Galleries.

Featuring contributions from 11 museums across Canada, the exhibition showcases fossils that represent significant discoveries and research. These include a replica of Tiktaalik (one of the first vertebrate animals to be able to walk on land), some of the earliest dinosaur footprints, the skull of an ice-age horse, a replica skull of the famous Tyrannosaurus rex, and the Manitoba Museum's contribution - a giant trilobite Isotelus rex, which holds a Guinness World Record as the world's largest trilobite.

Canada's fossils span the history of life on Earth, from the earliest microscopic life to recently extinct Ice Age beasts. Primitive sea creatures, fossilized plants, fearsome fish, and thundering dinosaurs are preserved in rocks laid down in ancient seas and landscapes. Visitors can see and learn about these remarkable fossils not only at the Manitoba Museum, but at other museums, local heritage sites, and in parks across the country.

"This ANHMC project is one of several the network has participated in. Museums' Choice is uniquely our own and inspired by Canada's natural history collections. This is the first time that Canadian museums of natural history have joined forces to exhibit their favourite fossils. We expect that this initiative will encourage more collaboration in the coming years," said Ailsa Barry, President of the ANHMC and Vice-President, Experience and Engagement, Canadian Museum of Nature.

"The Manitoba Museum is pleased to have been a partner in the development of this exhibition and hosting it for part of its cross-country tour," says Dr. Graham Young, Curator of Geology and Paleontology at the Manitoba Museum. "Contributions made by the participating museums have been outstanding. Fossil lovers will appreciate seeing the variety of specimens found in Canada and learning about the research being done here."

Members of The Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada and contributors to the exhibition include:

  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Manitoba Museum
  • New Brunswick Museum
  • Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
  • Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
  • Redpath Museum at McGill University
  • Royal Alberta Museum
  • Royal BC Museum
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Royal Saskatchewan Museum
  • Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre

The Royal BC Museum was responsible for the design and construction of the exhibition and the CMN has been responsible for the scheduling and touring of the exhibition.