aceartinc.: Embodiment - Connie Chappel, April 26 - May 24, Opening Reception April 25, Artist Talk May 4

Upcoming solo exhibition at aceartinc to focus on growth, decay, and human intervention in organic processes.

Connie Chappel has said that she has a particular passion for the symbiotic relationship human beings share with nature that considers past, current and future existence.

On Friday, April 26 at 7-10pm, Chappel will launch her newest work in this solo exhibition, Embodiment.

This multifaceted exhibition uses sculptural installation to combine curious material into experimental archaeological scenarios. Unusual juxtapositions of artificial and natural objects investigate idiosyncrasies of organic growth, decay and exhumation processes. Cryptic memorials merge kinetic twigs and branches with static rocks and body parts. Quivering air currents enliven suspended tree roots. An ambient glow beneath stain of sap drops on paper pays hommage to a meaningful birch wound. This living artifact display aims to conceive a highly delicate, eerie and fantastical forest that finds itself suspended in time.

Launch: Friday, April 26, 7pm

Artist talk: Saturday, May 4, 2pm

Exhibition run: 26 April - 24 May, 2019

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12-5pm

About Connie Chappel: Connie Chappel uses sculptural assemblage, installation and photography to explore correlations between the cycles of living entities, humans and inanimate objects. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

About aceartinc.: We are an Artist Run Centre dedicated to the support, exhibition, and dissemination of contemporary art. aceartinc. exhibits 5 major exhibitions a year by contemporary visual artists.

For more information, contact: Tani Miki, Interim Director, aceartinc.,