The Circus of Objects: May 28

On May 28th The Circus of Objects is presenting a partial evening of a mixture of screwball tabletop object theatre, Hamlet In Less Than 3 Minutes, episode 2 of UBU ROI, death defying (for the0 card(s) tricks, a dog act, TRAVELS WITH BOB Part 1 and et all wrapped snugly a blanket of DADA DUMBs DADA DUMBs DADA DUMBs.

The partial evening of pataphysical wonder begins at 7 pm at X-Cues, 551 Sargent Avenue.

This is the final show this season. Next season 8 shows are scheduled and the Circus of Objects will have guest artists 2019/20 - just like the Red Skelton show.

It is a pass the hat affair. So, come and see if Ma Ubu runs away with the butcher in episode 2 of UBU ROI.