Creative Manitoba: Authentic Branding with Reno Winston (Expert Advice for Indie Artists), May 29

Date: May 29, 2019 9:45am-3:15pm

Venue: 3rd floor boardroom, 245 McDermot Avenue

Time: various sessions available between 9:45am and 3:15pm
Price: $30/hour for Creative Manitoba members (video conferencing available)

Creative Manitoba is proud to offer our members the chance to participate in our Expert Advice for Indie Artists Program, which provides access to personalized one-on-one coaching with arts professionals.

Coach: With an eclectic story and professional background, including work in fashion and public relations, media appearances, a 6-month stay in Bali, and years of personal and professional coaching and facilitating experience; Reno brings a dynamic, creative and heart-based approach to his work.Reno's "slash career" includes coaching and facilitating, spiritual leadership, inspirational speaking, media, and writing. His tagline reads "Remember who you are," which reflects a life spent courageously owning his uniqueness, deep-diving into the heart and soul of life and business, exploring authentic ways to generate wealth and create a thriving life, and supporting his clients in doing the same.

Areas of expertise:

· Personal branding

· Using your uniqueness to sell your work

· Social media and public relations

· Confidence and goal setting