Jazz Winnipeg: Close Talker, August 10

Close Talker has always strived to push their craft toward new uncharted territories. This summer, they are inviting the audience to join them and take part in pioneering a new, innovative form of live music consumption - a 3D-360 Silent Headphone Concert. The audience's headphone mix will utilize cutting edge binaural mixing technology, live in real time.The sound will fully immerse the audience with instrumentation and voices orbiting and swirling around on all axes.

Their Winnipeg concert stands in uncharted territory: both the band and the audience will be together on the venerable stage at the historic Burton Cummings Theatre.

Close Talker will be performing their new unreleased album How Do We Stay Here?from front to back. To heighten the experience even further, each performance will showcase a local visual artist who will offer their interpretation of the music and manipulate their craft live offering a multi sensational immersive experience. The objective is to take part and invest in the power that music and art can offer, both on a personal and communal level. The goal is to create an environment where the audience can truly let go.

The band has toured throughout North America and Europe, gained the attention and praise of notable publications such as NPR, Billboard, Clash, Spin, Q Magazine, COS etc. Having recently won Alternative Artist of The Year at the Saskatchewan Music Awards, the band is poised for a breakthrough 2019. Beyond Close Talker's recordings and videos, the music comes alive with the band's iconic live show. Close Talker works tirelessly on evolving every aspect of their craft, which has led to their strongest and most confident album to date: How Do We Stay Here? available worldwide August 30th via Slow Weather (NA) and Sinnbus (EUR).


How Do We Stay Here? marks a new chapter for the band. The three members leaned into the trust and foundation built over countless years of friendship to pursue a record that would be sustainable and timeless for them. Choosing to self-produce allowed the band to hold this album close to their chest while it developed organically over the course of 2018 at RMS Labs in Regina, SK. At its core, the album is laced with a quiet confidence that invites the listener to dig in, finding new appreciation with each spin. Close Talker, now more than ever, is interested in music that is timeless - music that won't force the listener into feeling a certain way.

To achieve this, the band approached each song following a code of instincts and honesty, including a list of 10 Commandments by which all decisions were filtered through. Some were practical, like 'start with what you know' while others were more attitude checks or wholistic like 'no ego,' all catering to the music coming first. How Do We Stay Here? is a testament to the band's integrity and a desire to produce music that is original and pure. It is an album the band wrote for themselves, in hopes that the songs would carry the same meaning in 10 years, as they do today.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday May 15 at 11 am.