La Maison des artistes visuels francophones: SPACE, May 30 - June 22

La Maison des artistes visuels francophones Studio Gallery.

Space - Gilles Hébert, Karen Justl, Nora Kobrinsky, Susan Turner, Racheal Tycoles and Calvin Yarush

May 30 - June 22, 2019


Space, with time, is considered by physicists to be the boundless four-dimensional continuum in which objects and events have relative position and direction. It is infinite, vast, and incomprehensible yet we seem secure in our places in it. We move through the world and through the worlds of our individual fashioning, aware we are doing so in space, yet give it barely a second thought: we act, we "do", we persist, we carry on. Into the physical, psychological, conceptual, and emotional spaces we have made for ourselves, we have absorbed and internalized memories, experiences, interactions, and reactions that define us, that give us self-awareness, and that situate us in the world around us. Our spaces are where we continue to form and reform ourselves. We seem grounded at the centre. We are the centres of our own worlds.

The artists in this exhibition are exploring "space" using a variety of mediums: with assemblage, Gilles Hebert; with paper, Karen Justl; with wire sculpture, Nora Kobrinsky; with printmaking, Susan Turner; and with painting, Rachel Tycoles, Calvin Yarush.

SPACE is the third project of ARTA, an informal, project-based cooperative of Winnipeg artists founded in 2016 by Susan Turner. In 2017, with sixteen artists participating, we produced BOOKMARK and ILLUMINATION.

This current project SPACE will also be exhibited at Wasagaming Community Arts Centre, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba in August 2019.

- Susan Turner