The Edge Gallery and Urban Art Centre: Le Salon, June 7 - 25, Receptions on June 7 (First Friday) & June 21

'Le Salon' is a group exhibition being held at The Edge Gallery and Urban Art Centre from June 7 - June 25 2019.

There are 2 official opening receptions,
- Friday June 7 | 7-10 PM (First Fridays)
- Friday June 21 | 7-10 PM

The show contains personal and collaborative work from a range of artists, working in a variety of mediums. They will be exhibiting their work together for the first time in this salon style exhibition.

Artists in the show are as follows:
Kieran Valde
Matthew Kurtas
Hayden Reihl
Daniel Ross
Daylan Ferguson
Martin Dupuis
+additional artists

Artist Statements:
*more information to come

Kieran Valde is a visual artist currently based out of Winnipeg, MB. Valde works in a variety of mediums, favoring oil painting. Valde's work is primarily figurative, often creating portraits to express ideas of identity. Painting for himself more than anything else, his work is process based, creating layered compositions by obsessively adding and removing shapes, colours and figures from his pieces. Valde's work can be found in private collections across North America and Europe. This will be his third showing in Winnipeg.

"I am a painter, draftsman, photographer, musician, and designer based out of Winnipeg Manitoba currently. I am a student of the University of British Columbia studying Environmental Design. My work in all facets is based upon opposing dualities: realism and abstraction, imagination and reality. Through intense examination of the physical world that surrounds me and inner reflection I pull elements from my lived and my imagined experience. Fractured space, abstract shape, colour and representational imagery create a depth and variety of juxtapositional meaning. As much as I would love to detail what each piece means to me, I would rather you firm your own meanings and interpretations. When we cross paths tell me what you think."

Hayden Reihl, also known as the alias __LIGHTPOST__, is a self-taught artist born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1998, who moved to Winnipeg at an early age. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Hayden creates his work as an outlet to express his mental health, beliefs and opinions about the world, as well as visualize his emotions and "inner self." Hayden has dabbled in many different forms of art including 3D animation and artistry, web and graphic design, as well as digital painting/drawing, however his true passion is to get messy and create with his hands, not a mouse or tablet. Since an early age, Hayden has always been drawing, painting or otherwise creating, and developed a passion for expression and self-exploration in the summer of 2017 after a strike of inspiration from a close friend. Moving forward, Hayden wishes to delve deeper into his psyche and imagination to create more meaningful artwork, and experiment with multiple traditional forms of creation including sculpting, printmaking and typography.

Daniel Ross is a self-taught visual artist from Winnipeg, Canada. He works mostly with drawing, painting and printmaking.
His work is detail oriented and is inspired by Japanese manga, his close friends and other local artists.


"For a long as I remember I have been taking photos of my surroundings. I used to steal my parents' camera and now I use whatever I can get my hands on. I've never been all about the gear, but rather about the image. Some works are shot on film and some are digital. This exhibition will show my collaborations with others, which will be a first for me."

"The quality of your understanding hinges on your own ability to focus; creating purpose and definition where there may be none, and not on implied or otherwise demonstrated meaning."
-Computer Jones