Cre8ery Gallery & Studio: Nexus of Realities by Dan Hawksworth, June 7 - 18, Opening Reception First Friday June 7

Please join us for Nexus of Realities by Dan Hawksworth on First Friday, June 7th, 7-10pm.

Additional Hours, June 8 to 18th: Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm

When we close our eyes we glimpse visions of what may have been, what is and maybe what is to come. In dreams, we see other world dimensions and strange creatures even if we don't remember them. Art is a nexus that ties realities together.

Dan's work is a distorted world with his own fears and anxieties, showing him the unusual and darker places of our mind, finding both beauty and corruption.

Dan wonders: "Do I draw them because I dream them, or do I dream them because I draw them?" Are they just fragments of my mind, corrupted data from the hours and days gone by, or is there even a chance that I get to peer behind the curtain of our reality into another nexus through imagination and dreams?

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