Banff Centre: Leadership Intensive – Contextual Intelligence, Application Deadline October 1

Banff Centre – Leadership Intensive – Contextual Intelligence

Today's leaders operate in increasingly dynamic environments with complex external realities. This program offers a comprehensive introduction to contextual intelligence as a leadership capacity.

Participants will be equipped to apply their learning to a specific initiative (e.g. a strategic plan or product launch), and immediately add value to their work. It provides participants with the mindsets, methods, and tools to (a) understand the nature and power of contextual intelligence; (b) cultivate contextual intelligence in themselves and others; and (c) apply newly gained aptitudes to real-world situations.

Who should register?

This program is ideal for anyone interested in creating real value in their work, reconnecting with deep vocational purpose, and retooling for 21st century contextual realities.

Participants should:

  • Have some demonstrated experience in their field of vocational practice
  • Have an ability to recognize opportunities, and design and implement solutions
  • Be actively pursuing or considering new opportunities to create impact in their work (e.g. new roles or projects) in light of wider trends and environmental realities
  • Want to learn more effective strategies for collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders and improving value chains for more effective and durable outcomes
  • Be willing to take risks, reimagine possibilities, and be curious and eager to learn
  • Approach work and relationships with a spirit of sharing and generosity
  • Desire to foster a reflective practice that takes context seriously

More information online on the program webpage:

Program dates: October 19 – 23, 2019

Application deadline: October 1, 2019

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