Manitoba Craft Council: CraftED Workshop: Miniatures with Erika Dueck, Registration Deadline September 19

CraftED Workshop: Miniatures with Erika Dueck

Registration Deadline: September 19, 2019

Workshop Runs: Saturday, October 5, 2019

12 – 4 pm

C2 Centre for Craft

1 -329 Cumberland Ave

Winnipeg MB

Working on miniatures is a time consuming and tedious process, but there are endless opportunities to create diverse worlds using simple, accessible, and affordable materials. Each participant will make their own miniature scene using techniques and materials that Erika Dueck regularly uses her art practice. Each participant will make a miniature cupboard with books, tin cans, jars, and boxes to fill the space. Each space will also include a mysterious "growth" that begins taking over. Although the workshop will look at the specific materials Erika uses within her artwork, participants will learn how to transform simple materials into realistic miniature objects and can use these lessons to find new materials/techniques to build their own future miniature artworks. As participants work, Erika will also show and discuss images of miniature artworks made by other contemporary artists to highlight the diversity of approaches and opportunities available in this medium. As a result, participants will come away from the workshop with hands-on experience creating miniature sculptures as well as inspiration for the limitless possibilities available when working within these 'small worlds'.

Registration: $90

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