Creative Manitoba: Arts Fundamentals: How to Write a Press Release, September 19

Time: 6-9pm

Location: Creative Manitoba

Instructors: Erin Lebar, Winnipeg Free Press & Olivia Michalczuk, Papercut Podcast

In this workshop, we will discuss the key information to have in any press release; whether you're promoting a new album or tour, launching a new business, or opening an art exhibit, there are a handful of things every release should include.

Topics will include different styles of press releases, as well as how to reach out to media outlets, who to reach out to, and how to find their contact information.

Participants will be able to work on their own press release in small groups in a hands-on environment, and are encouraged to come prepared with questions and/or media release drafts to work through with the mentors in order to leave fully equipped and informed.