aceartinc.: Between Temporal and Permanent Histories of Pain - Lucille Kim, September 6 - October 11, Opening Reception and Artist Talk September 6

Upcoming solo exhibition at aceartinc. to explore memory and the visible and invisible scars incurred under the communist regimes in Cambodia during the 1970s to early 1980s.

Lucille Kim has said that her recent travel to Cambodia left her influenced by their lifestyle, materials, and landscapes as history and memory continue to be a part of her works that underlie the duality between pain and healing.

On Friday, September 6 at 7-10 pm, Kim will launch her newest work in her first solo exhibition, Between Temporal and Permanent Histories of Pain.

This video installation examines memory and a sense of time encased by conditions of the human body. Here, two projections overwhelmingly encompass the room to allow an invitation, and an experience in Coin Therapy ('coining') that is being performed in the videos. One of Kim's mother and the other of her father, both bodies lie at rest and in motion on a serene white sheet. Either they are alone or together, distantly far apart or closely across from one another, the dual representation of a man and a woman in need of healing is blurred by a history of pain and powerlessness.

Launch and Artist Talk: Friday, 6 September, 7pm
Exhibition run: 6 September - 11 October, 2019
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12-5pm

About Lucille Kim: Lucille Kim, born in 1992, is a Cambodian-Canadian artist based in Hamilton. She has a BFA degree from University of Toronto Mississauga (2015).

About aceartinc.: We are an Artist Run Centre dedicated to the support, exhibition, and dissemination of contemporary art. aceartinc. exhibits 5 major exhibitions a year by contemporary visual artists.