Prairie Theatre Exchange: The Gingerbread Girl - Sharon Bajer, April 15 - May 3

The Gingerbread Girl

Sharon Bajer

April 15 - May 3, 2020

A modern-day fairy tale for grown ups

Years of fruitless attempts to have a child have taken their toll on Marie and Joe's marriage. They decide that they need a "reboot" – a year in a cabin in the woods, totally off the grid. No computers, no cell phones, no TV. When a witch shows up at their remote door and grants them their dearest wish, there's a major catch – their longed-for baby is born…as a gingerbread cookie! Normal in (almost) every way -- apart from the occasional broken cookie limb or melted icing smile -- Ginger grows up too fast for her overprotective parents. Equal parts whimsical, funny and poignant, The Gingerbread Girl explores the very real challenges of family, expectations, love and loss.