Pulse Gallery: 'COLOURS OF MY LIFE' BY SANDRA SOBKOWICH WIEBE, November 1 - 30, Opening Reception November 16

The day my grandma and I painted the entire kitchen (refrigerator included) turquoise blue remains one of my favourite childhood memories and though I didn't know it then, it was a pivotal moment in my journey to becoming an artist. Turquoise blue, still one of my favourite colours, will surface throughout my show in the form of hand woven scarves, wall hangings and capes. You will also see weaving in a variety of forms, featuring unusual warp and wefts using materials such as lace, ribbons, sea shells, beads, tinsel, garlands, seaweed, and anything that can be woven, in addition to the customary cottons, silks, and wools.

In keeping with the day I came home from school to find my room painted as an amazing sunset, there will be many surprises in this show in the form of colour and texture combinations. Once it is assembled I hope it is reflective of the swirls of colour, design and textures that could be found throughout our family farm house, thanks to my grandmother's unlimited creativity. After all, what could be more inspiring than the vibrancy of colour and design in the middle of a dark and cold prairie winter!

Sandra has degrees in Fine Arts and Education and has had many art shows throughout her career. She has taught every age group from young children to seniors as well as conducted workshops and in-services for art teachers. One of her most rewarding jobs is to coordinate arts enrichment classes for children throughout the Interlake, where she lives. When she teaches she is known to carry bags of colour in the form of clay, paper, fibres, paints and inks, which the children love. She was instrumental in setting up the first school division wide art show for the Interlake School Division, which continues to this day. It is Sandra's hope that some of the vibrancy of her childhood home will spill over into this fibre show and the joyful colours of her life will dance across the gallery for all to see!

Select works on display November 1-30th. Reception Saturday November 16th from 6-8pm.