La maison des artistes visuels francophones: Vernissage of Pavillon by Veronica Mockler, Opening December 5

Veronica Mockler

Opening on December 5, 2019 from 7pm to 10pm

In parallel to its long-awaited 2019 Member Show, La Maison is proud to present for the first time in Winnipeg, "Pavillon" the work of Veronica Mockler. This work was created following a series of artistic workshops led by the artist and the pedagogue Yves Amyot. This residency with the Franco-Manitoban community was organized by Le Centre Turbine last August.

In collaboration with La Maison des Artistes Visuels Francophones (MAVF) (Winnipeg), Les Pluri-Elles and l'Accueil Francophone (Winnipeg), Le Centre Turbine allowed Veronica Mockler to connect with a group of 11 Franco-Manitobans residents. Seven of them were from the newly arrived immigrant community in Winnipeg and four others were descendants of Francophone lineages in Manitoba. With the group, the artist explored the mediums of video and sound through methodologies in oral history and digital storytelling. Interested in each person's experience and life story, Mockler has collected various digital content that reveals the plurality of contemporary French-Canadian identity.

"Pavillon is a video work in which I explore the act of "telling yourself" and the act of "listening to each other". Whether in confession alone in front of a camera, or in a group in the public space, telling oneself is a form of self-positioning with great social potential. Thanks to the immense generosity of Anass, Babs, Chantal, Chargache, Cédelynne, Danica, Joanne, Mike, Omar Tahar, Ouassine, and Youssef, I was able to investigate the issues that drive me to do this work: How to facilitate a creative and safe space in which can someone express himself in an authentic way? What is the social potential of a denomination; Reflection; A story An experience An interview A conversation when these speeches are told loud and clear? Why are these speeches artistic performances? What is my role as an artist who puts forward the stories of other people? What are the fallout when you actively listen to someone else's story?" - Veronica Mockler


Veronica Mockler was born in Quebec City, QC in 1991. She lives and works in Montreal (QC) as an emerging professional artist in social and relational media art. Her works have been presented at conferences, exhibitions, festivals and public performances in Canada, United States, South America and Europe. In his practice, Mockler investigates various social issues by presenting the personal experiences of people living these realities. The artist brings beautifully true individuals to share their stories in the context of multimedia installations, live performances and video. His work has been described as a "call to action" "mixing both humor and thought-provoking realism" (The Link, 2019) and from which "one emerges with a haunting question" (La Presse, 2019).

Mockler's interdisciplinary work draws on different approaches: oral history, documentary, community development, performance, new media, relational and conceptual art, and art education. Mockler said his goal was to create projects that strengthen the agentivity of those involved. The ethics of the representation of the Other in art, and the complexities of a socially engaged practice, are subjects that are at the heart of his research.The Turbine Centre, located in Montreal, carries out projects that introduce the current arts into communities by pairing artists from all disciplines with educators. The centre also contributes to the reflection, training and sharing of knowledge about art and pedagogy in communities.

Looking forward to see you there for this special double opening!!!