La Maison des artistes visuels francophones : Return to Paradise - Gilles Hébert + Sheila Spence, January 9 - March 14

Return to Paradise is an exhibition of new work by Gilles Hébert and Sheila Spence. Both Hébert and Spence have created work that speaks of remembrance, longing, and loss. For Return to Paradise the power, peril, and mystery of time and memory are explored and celebrated.

Hébert's work is drawn from an ongoing project. The current iteration, PullFreight – the false memory machine, is comprised of hundreds of pre-revolution Cuban photographs and found personal effects. The aspirations, traits, characteristics, occupations, and family/community connections of fictitious personas are conjured through considered arrangements and manipulations. The project is a celebration of the secret lives of objects and the transitory nature of significance.

Spence, the storyteller recalls a magical bygone time. She uses photographs of her childhood beach as a metaphor for untroubled times. Forthright archival photographs transition into detached images of a distant past. The memories expressed are the musings of a phantom straddling time, detached from the present yet unable to return to the past.