Manitoba Crafts Museum & Library: Introduction to Sprang with Carol James, February 29, March 7, 14, 21

Sprang is a technique that first appeared in the Bronze Age. It recurs again and again in human history, associated with human remains in Scandinavia to Egyptian mummies to European laces to military sashes. An adaptable technique, it is time to re-visit this textile method.

Explore a low-tech method for producing very stretchy cloth. Participants work on a small frame (included in the materials fee) to learn the basic stitch, how to hold the threads, how to manipulate them to create cloth. We also explore variations, which will include, cables, and twining, and lace patterns. Irregularities (mistakes) are viewed as an opening into diverse decorative elements. Pattern reading and pattern writing are introduced as a vehicle to understand and record structure. Participants will learn two different manners of warping: flat warp and circular warp. We will discuss shaping techniques required to create diverse garments: bonnets, bags, vests, mittens, socks, leggings, shawls and sashes. Participants leave with several items of their own making, and a frame warped for a future project.