Storefront Manitoba & the Winnipeg Trails Association: Benchmark the trails-based placemaking design competition, Deadline February 6

Presented by Storefront Manitoba and the Winnipeg Trails Association, Benchmark the trails-based placemaking design competition, will offer new destinations along Manitoba's diverse trail network for 2020. This competition will once again result in two permanent installations that will challenge the idea of the 'common' bench and become local landmarks. Downtown Winnipeg and Pinawa, Manitoba will be the future homes to these unique installations and these will be unveiled in July 2020.

This is the fourth year of the competition and will be the first year that one of the competition sites will be in downtown Winnipeg and outside of the City of Winnipeg.

"Trails Manitoba is really excited to support the Benchmark initiative. This being the first time the competition has selected a site outside of the City of Winnipeg. The Great Trail has a diverse network of experiences and we are happy to bring art and design interventions to the beautiful backdrop of the Boreal Forest and Pinawa Community. Benchmark will become an important destination and amenity on the Pinawa trail."

- Darcy Granove, Trails Manitoba

Placemaking is an important aspect of transportation, recreation and city building. A design competition to spur creative placemaking ideas is an opportunity to permanently and continually raise awareness of the beauty of Winnipeg's downtown and the Province of Manitoba while providing a practical benefit to present and future users.

Benchmark 2020 is supported by the City of Winnipeg, Shape Industries, Trans Canada Trail Foundation and Trails Manitoba.

For more information on Benchmark, please visit:


Anders Swanson, Co-Curator – (204) 797-1962

Suzy Melo, Co-Curator - (204) 232-5082