Volunteer Manitoba: Financial Responsibilities of a Non-Profit Board, April 15

April 15 | 4pm – 7pm | $95
Location: 410-5 Donald St.

The number one job, and often the most puzzling and perplexing, of every board member is to understand financial statements and maintain the financial health of their organization. Board members must ensure that the organization is well-managed and that its financial situation remains sound.

This workshop will help you gain a better understanding of your financial responsibilities as a board member, mitigating the risk to both you and the organization, and ensuring the financial health of the organization. You will learn basic skills in financial management including understanding budgets, interpreting financial statements and writing financial policies.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Key roles and responsibilities regarding financial management
  • Understanding and analyzing financial statements
  • Basic financial terminology
  • How to read a budget, monthly income reports, and the balance sheet

Who should attend?
This workshop is recommended for board members of a non-profit organization who would like to develop a better understanding of their financial responsibilities