La maison des artistes visuels francophones: The Urban Exodus - Seream, February 13 - March 14

The Urban Exodus - Seream

February 13 - March 14, 2020

For this first exhibition of scale, about thirty pieces are collected, in various formats and supports (paintings, painted objects ...), produced between 2015 and 2019.

There are recurring themes in the work of the artist: inspired by the masks and figurative art of ancient non-Western civilizations (Oceania, South America, Africa) and fascinated by animist and shamanistic rites, Seream questions our evolution and the freedom to express oneself. What are the differences or similarities between primitive art and contemporary urban art? The desire, the need, the urgency to create, are they similar?

With a treatment that instinctively returns to the art brut, Seream coexist macrocosms at first glance discordant. Spirituality rubs shoulders with rock music, news blends with myths, poetry teases social order, urban exodus with ecology ... Masks personify the human and its complexity, while words, always present in his painting, are understood as coded messages.

At a time when the world continues to divide, Seream's paintings, full of symbolism and blithely mixing ancient and contemporary concepts, may finally tend to bring together, to unify distinct universes into an inclusive galaxy, where everyone reverberates the other and generates a poetry of the echo.

- Léonor Rey

Seream is an artist who could be called "total": poet, performer, performer, actor, director, and here painter. Regardless of the medium, he finds in these different tools and mediums of expression as many ways to deploy a language, his language, sometimes tinged with smooth and sharp sounds, sometimes flocked with vibrant acrylic colors.

True self-taught, Seream trades a (ar)ranged professional life for poetry a little more than 20 years ago, and seizes it to shake the surface of the world. Alone or associated, he publishes many collections, multiplies collaborations with other poets, but also musicians, painters and illustrators (Les Livres Fauves, La Tribune du Jelly Rodger...).

The painting then becomes a "new form of poetic expression" - in its own words - complementary to writing, inherent even. One feeds the other, in communicating sororal vases. Figurative forms, colorful, sometimes funny, unusual, accessible, naive, art brut, play the "extensions of [his] poetry", and like this one, they bind to different surfaces: canvases, rolls, cardboard, wood, objects ... to better resonate with their viewers.

Seream's works have been the subject of several solo and group exhibitions in France. This exhibition is the first Canadian presentation of his work.