The West End Cultural Centre is pleased to present the debut album release of local saxophonist Sean Irvine. Backed by top-notch local musicians, Irivne's quintet will take the stage on Saturday, April 11, 2020 to present his album 'The Oak in Alley Chapter'.

Sean Irvine has been active as a player in the Winnipeg music scene since his arrival in 2016. He has made appearances in recordings alongside the Royal Canoe, Finn, Derrick Gardner, and the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra. He has also shared the stage with the Dirty Catfish Brass Band, Ron Paley Big Band, Jeff Presslaff Septet, Papa Mambo, Jon Gordon, Jimmy Greene and Scotty Barnhart.

Irvine and his quintet made their debut at the TD International Jazz Festival in Winnipeg back in 2017. Since that performance, Irvine has kept active preparing for its first album, "Sean Irvine Quintet: The Oak in Alley Chapter" with its release in spring of 2020. With all original compositions, the project utilizes a variety on woodwinds, brass, vocals, and rhythm section instruments to paint life to materials written over the last 7 years of Irvine's musical journey.

A deeply personal album 6 years in the making, "Oak and Alley Chapter" is a reflection on gay culture coming about. Irvine's compositions reflect on elements of jazz, folk, classical, and world music; refined and woven into musical stories in instrumental music. Of particular note, 'The Sentinels' paints a picture of travelling through the mid-west US and Irvine's experience sharing with his family who he was becoming. 'Nightmare' tells of a story that was shared with Irvine of a young gay man's fear of his father learning his secret. 'Texas' shares a feeling many people can relate to; of short coming in every corner of life and the struggle of a lonely soul, lost in a small town. Irvine describes 'A Perfect Castle', as the way an acquaintance who protected him from anything that might ever hurt him but forgot to leave an escape should he ever want to leave the depression and demons he came home to each evening.

Watch Sean Irvine here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbUdEjyzRoc

Sean Irvine Quintet

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Ventura Concert Hall, West End Cultural Centre

Doors – 7:15pm, Show – 8:00pm

Tickets - $20.00 / $25.00