C2 Centre for Craft: Exhibit: Marilyn Stewart Stothers: Retrospective, March 6 - April 25

March 6 – April 25, 2020

Exhibit: Marilyn Stewart Stothers: Retrospective

Marilyn Stewart Stothers is a practising studio artist who has worked in original fabric design, piecing and collage for almost 50 years. Although her work is often inspired by traditional quilt patterns, it is completely original. Many works include innovations of new personal techniques such as Curved Strip Piecing, and in recent years her work has included computer printing of personal photography and painting on fabric. Although well into her 80s she is still creating in her studio, developing new directions, improvising, collaging and designing with freely shaped fabrics and threads.

Her work has been shown in galleries locally, nationally and internationally; she has been a board member and supporter of arts organizations locally, nationally and internationally; she has received numerous awards and honours, has worked as a juror/judge and is a published author.

Artist Statement

I have a passion for designing and working with fabric. This leads to continuing experimentation and development of new ways to manipulate fabric for surface design. Working with fabrics requires not only a resolution of the visual aspect, a playing with shape and colour, but also freely "painting" with fabric pieces in constructing the finished work.

Over the years I have been designing in fabric, I realize it matters that I convey the ideas I have in mind to the viewer of the work. It is not the technique I used to achieve it, nor the "how many hours did this take" question, but hopefully the message or the enjoyment the viewer visualizes is the paramount element of my art quilts.

~ Marilyn Stewart Stothers


Contact: Andrea Reichert | Curator | Manitoba Crafts Museum & Library

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