MAWA, Flash Fest & Creative Manitoba, Artist Boot Camp: Shooting Your Work with Leif Norman, April 5

Date: Sunday, April 5, 2020
Time 2-4pm
Location: Creative Manitoba
$10 for participating Flash Fest artists, members of MAWA, or Creative Manitoba; $20 for non-members.
You have a piece of art, and you need a good record of it…but when you look at the photos, the reds are purple, and the whites are yellow! Why?! We can tell you why. Bring your camera and watch Leif Norman demonstrate the very simple and yet tricky way to shoot artwork. It's like baking bread, simple ingredients, but one can easily mess it up.
Instructor: Leif Norman has a Chemistry degree, but does not get to use his scientific training much in photography, except when it comes to shooting art! Besides helping Winnipeg artists document their work, he shoots dance, music, theatre and festivals, and is surprisingly making a living at it. When he isn't holding a camera, he is usually working on restoring his 1897 Victorian house.