Winnipeg Film Group: SCREENPLAY TO STORYBOARD: VISUALLY PLANNING YOUR FILM - Zoom Workshop, August 25 & 27


Story boarding is a series of visual illustrations and is a graphic organizer that details how a film will be shown in chronological order. In this course, you will learn how to break your shots and scenes from your written script into visual thumbnails or storyboards, in preparation for your next animation or short film. It is an important step in pre-visualizing narrative concepts for film, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequences and planning budgets for your production. It also serves as a reference to sell and pitch to producers and potential funders.

This online workshop will take place on ZOOM Tuesday, Aug. 25th & Thursday, Aug. 27th | 7pm-10pm. The Workshop will be taught by award winning filmmaker Murray Toews whose creative work spans the disciplines and media of drawing, print, film, audio-art, interactivity, and digital/analog hand-drawn animation. For further information, click HERE.

To register for the workshop, click HERE.