Nafro Dance Productions: MATOPE, September 24 - 27

"Matope are spirits in the shape of unknown creatures that resurface from the mud of the river bank. They have a deeper understanding of nature's difficult times and what they need to go through to keep all inhabitants alive.... including you. They are bringing a very important messages from mother-nature to you.

This is my new creation. A site-specific master piece set by the river bank of the St. Norbert Arts Center. It is a new choreographic departure for me...using mud to have creatures (performers) emerging from it, and trees, water, wind, everything that nature has to offer. It has been like getting in a beautiful dream that you don't want to wake up from...." -CN-

Thursday Sept. 24th and Friday Sept 25th @ 6pm
Saturday Sept. 26th and Sunday Sept.27th @ 3pm and 5pm

Paula Blair, Helene LeMoullec Mancini, Nicole Coppens, Jessica Oliphante, Kim Hildebrand, Julious Gambalan, Reymark Capacete (Student performer) Amara Conde (Guest performer),
Jay Stoller, Todd Martin, Mpho Mambira, Phoebe Man & Casimiro Nhussi

The show will go on regardless of weather or mosquitoes or .... so please come prepared.

WHERE: Outside on the South River Bank at St Norbert Arts Center (100 Rue des Ruines du Monastere)

COST: $20 and $12 for children under 12

TICKETS: Each show will have a limited audience size of 45 people. We ask that you purchase Advance tickets below.

Winthin a day or two of purchase, a pdf of your ticket will be emailed to you at the same email address that the ticket receipt was sent to. You can present this digitally or in print form. At this time COVID specific instructions will also be sent to you.