La Bande Vidéo: La Bande Vidéo invites Canadian media arts artists to create 2-minute maximum video works, Submission Deadline December 6


Deadline: December 6, 2020, at midnight

La Bande Vidéo invites Canadian media arts artists to create 2-minute maximum video works. Preference will be given to experimental and animation works that explore the video language in an original manner. The selected works will be presented as part of a special programming.

Immersed in an unprecedented global social and sanitary crisis since the Spring of 2020, online social media followers are flooded daily with more or less thoroughly scripted filmed chronicles, homemade speeches and artistic performances that tackle, in a realistic or pastiche-like way, the topics of reflection and revolt inflicted by the pandemic: isolation, conspiracy discourses, fear of illness, anxiety, loneliness, financial debt, etc. More than ever, and compulsively, video stands out as a necessary vehicle for escapism, unwinding or humor, for drama and for beauty.

Building on a dissident tradition established since its very beginnings, La Bande Video, through this call for video works and artworks, is renewing with some of its origins, rooted in an era that fostered discording voices and uncompromising corrosive looks on trends of the day and social tragedies. In light of our centre's artistic history, and in the current scary draining context, La Bande Vidéo wants to present the videographic medium as a tool for revolution and spillovers, for lament and narcissism. An instrument for the reinvention of the world, or an instrument of uselessness.

With this open-theme yet inspired call, free of artistic constraints except the process and length time limit, La Bande Vidéo wants to stimulate Canadian videographic language and keep a tighter record of the professional contemporary videography's inventiveness. From the muddy pool where demiurges give life to animation characters with duct tape and wire, to the experimental spaces where light and colors blend together into a language, we want to watch the burst of the most diverse and promising new works generated by these dangerous times.

Technical considerations

The works submitted must have been produced in whole or in part during the year 2020. The artwork has to be completed for December 6.

Presentation fees will be paid to artists whose works will have been selected, in accordance with current standards and regulations.

Your video file must be submitted by email with the object Sujets à risques (Risky Topics). Call to the attention of La Bande Vidéo's artistic director Sébastien Hudon, at We suggest using Vimeo or We Transfer.

Your email must include the title of the work, a (70-word max) synopsis or description and the password to view the video if applicable.

Only the artists whose works have been selected will be contacted.

For questions, please contact Sébastien Hudon at or 418-522-5561.

Deadline: December 6, 2020, at midnight.