Theatre Projects Manitoba: Ady Kay & Alissa Watson - Clowndations: An Online Extravaganza, January 29 - 31

Theatre Projects Manitoba

Ady Kay & Alissa Watson

Clowndations: An Online Extravaganza

January 29th, 30th, 31st, 2021, 11AM - 3PM CST Daily, with a break from Noon - 2PM, on Zoom

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Clowndations: (An Online Extravaganza) is being offered in anticipation of the IRL "Clowndations" workshops that will occur when the lockdown clears! The Zoom room will offer an excellent opportunity to try clown work in the comfort of your own home before showing it off IRL *Beethoven's 5th symphony plays*. We will 'just keep clowning, just keep clowning' until we are found perpetually blobulating in a clown room together. Over 3 days, this workshop aims to provide the artist with some 'clowndemental' tools to inspire something fresh and new for one's artistic projects whilst hibernating at home. Participants are asked to bring a piece that they are familiar with, so that it can be further developed (à la clown) in class. Pieces could range anywhere from dance, song, devised work, a poem, a monologue, and scripts, and excerpts must be no longer than 2 minutes.

This workshop is wonderful for artists of all levels, artistic backgrounds and abilities.