University of Manitoba School of Art Gallery: . . . a story in the middle . . .Catherine Blackburn, Lucien Durey, melannie monoceros, and Audie Murray - Curated by Blair Fornwald, April 1 - May 14

. . . a story in the middle . . .

Catherine Blackburn, Lucien Durey, melannie monoceros, and Audie Murray

Curated by Blair Fornwald

April 1 to May 14, 2021

In medias res, Latin for "in the midst of things," is a literary device wherein a story opens mid-plot. Dropped abruptly into a pivotal scene, the reader pieces together backstory and gets to know characters through flashbacks and dialogue. We live in medias res, learning how and why and who we are relationally – through the people, places, and things in our orbit, and through the stories contained within them.

By incorporating found and gifted materials, recreating and referencing significant spaces and objects, and utilizing techniques passed down through generations, the artists in a story in the middle explore how traditions, skills, values, sensibilities, and sensitivities are inherited and carried forward. The handmade object is a conduit for conversations between ancestors and descendants, loved ones and strangers. Here, Catherine Blackburn, Lucien Durey, melannie monoceros, and Audie Murray use handmade objects to articulate, with crystalline specificity, the nuanced complexities of their family relationships and histories.

Adjunct Programming

Lucien Durey and melannie monoceros: A screening, a reading, and a discussion

Thursday, April 22, 7:00 pm CDT

Facilitated on Zoom and live-streaming on the School of Art Gallery, University of Manitoba YouTube channel. Live captions and ASL available. Event will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

School of Art Gallery

255 ARTlab

180 Dafoe Road

Winnipeg MB R3T2N2

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