Manitoba Society of Artists: Chrysalis: MSA 120

Greetings Art Lovers, Sponsors and Supporters of MSA:

It is with great pleasure that the Manitoba Society of Artists announces that MSA will be celebrating a long-awaited show at the beautiful Gallery in the Park in Altona to coincide with the 120-year anniversary of the evolution of the MSA, on August 26 to September 25, 2021.

This new exciting exhibit is titled: CHRYSALIS: MSA 120

For MSA artists, it has been a year spent cocooning and we are emerging from the chrysalis of creativity to exhibit beautiful art.

The Society is deeply grateful to the Gallery in the Park in Altona for recognizing the importance and significance of this milestone in the history of MSA and agreeing to host this MSA Members' Show.

Thank you as well to our members, sponsors and supporters for sharing the first of a number of celebrations over the next 2 years.

Please find attached an E-vite detailing particulars of CHRYSALIS: MSA 120 at Gallery in the Park.

With sincere appreciation,

Manitoba Society of Artists (MSA)

"Let the celebration begin!"