Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba: Conflux Exhibition

Conflux: September 2nd to October 16th

Community Gallery

Under the mentorship of Brenna George, artists Kelly Klick, Kelly Murray, Alexandra Ross, and Cyndi Wiebe built bodies of work over the course of a year that was defined by a global pandemic.

As part of the 2020-21 Manitoba Art Network's Rural Artist Mentorship Program, the artwork of the exhibition Conflux was created in simulated proximity. All based in rural communities, these artists are no strangers to isolation, giving them a unique perspective, including profound gratitude for the technologies and resources that allowed them to gather.

The artists' approaches, motivations, and priorities are as varied as the stories they tell, but they are united in the appreciation of radical care as a generative force. Like the power, volume and velocity that might occur at the conflux of four rivers, these artists credit their coming-together with an amplification of their practices--a true testament to the value of mentorship.

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