Buhler Gallery: Escape in Place: Inspirations from the Permanent Collection, September 23 - November 14

Galerie Buhler Gallery

Escape in Place: Inspirations from the Permanent Collection

September 23 – November 14, 2021

The Buhler Gallery is so pleased to present an exhibition curated by Colleen Leduc, a Masters in Cultural Studies student from the University of Winnipeg. We challenged Leduc to curate a show using recent donations to the Permanent Collections and she took it above and beyond. In her own words:

"The artworks in Escape in Place immerse us in the beauty found in the everyday. The changing seasons, the warm glow of a corner store, a bird taking flight. They invite the viewer to reflect on the beauty of everyday experiences, moments from history, or personal moments remembered." Colleen Leduc

All visitors should make an appointment and indicating what day they would like to see the show. Make an appointment to visit by e-mail Tanya Gadd at tgadd@sbgh.mb.ca

Updated safety measures: All gallery visitors will require proof of vaccination at the hospital entrance.