Inspire Community Outreach: Online Art Auction Fundraiser, Art to Inspire, November 6

Donation Request:

Online Art Auction Fundraiser: Art to Inspire November 6th, 2021

Inspire Community Outreach is an incorporated non-profit organization that seeks to develop the understanding of mental health and cognitive differences through access to information, free resources, in-home supports, Family Counselling, Service Navigation and Planning in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the surrounding areas.

We work within the community to provide inclusive, evidence-based support, that honours lived experience, for families who live with neurological differences and mental health concerns. Our vision is for all families to have access to responsive support that empowers them to thrive.

Inspire will be initiating our online Fall'21 Art Auction Fundraiser, 'Art to Inspire'. This project will help subsidize families to receive in-home stabilization care. Our stabilization service is offered for families that include children and adults aged 3-29, whose needs are not currently being met through existing social services and mental health systems and are in high levels of distress. Our goal is to help support 53 different families in need.

The event will be advertised through our community partners, social media platforms and the Inspire website (

All unique artwork donations and support will be publicized along with donors' own personal social platforms should they wish. All donations can be dropped off at our offices located at 175 Mayfair Ave in Winnipeg. Alternative pick up arrangements can be made. Receipts provided upon request.

Please email for more information.