Winnipeg Film Group: MFM Post-Production Fund, Application Deadline October 28


It's back! Winnipeg Film Group's MFM POST-PRODUCTION FUND is designed to assist Winnipeg Film Group members in the development of their artistic careers by providing support towards the post-production and production of film projects in the form of cash and services awards. This fund is primarily geared to POST-production. PRODUCTION applications are welcome, but the funds for production are extremely limited.

This award fund is geared to filmmakers who have made at least one independent production (on film, video or digital media) as director or as the primary artist/creator. This fund supports films in narrative, experimental, documentary or hybrid/cross-genre. The fund is NOT designed for series, pilots or demo reels. *Must be a WFG member to apply.

Deadline is Thurs, Oct. 28th 2021. Apply here.