Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment w/ Vanesa Harari : Watery Nature. Identity. Time and Space Boardroom Gallery, October 4 - November 10

Watery Nature. Identity. Time and Space • Boardroom Gallery

Monday, October 4, 202110:00 a.m.
Wednesday, November 10, 20213:00 p.m.

Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment 11 - 2 Street North east Portage la Prairie, MB, R1N 1R8 Canada

Artist Statement

I consider art as a universal language that speak and connect people from diverse cultures/backgrounds. I believe in the process of creating art as an important contributor to the identity and self- expression.

My abstract acrylic pouring art work evoked to me the deepness of meaning, symbolism, structure behind the material world. Spiritual/ mystical explanations are behind my paintings.

My paintings suggest a relationship with nature: micro and macrocosm, the vast space, the universe and an imaginary trip to diverse landscapes and imaginative worlds inviting to experiment sensational atmospheres and to reflect on the relationship between nature and the self. Movement, fluidity, identity as constant change.

In these paintings I am inspired by waters and marble designs that invite to spark imagination and to pay attention to the nature around and inside us. How we connect to the element of water inviting to think our relationship with nature, how we affect it and how it affects us...

E. L. Vanesa Harari Short Bio

Born and raised in Argentina, Vanesa Harari is a Canadian visual artist, anthropologist and educator. Vanesa has worked in education for more than fifteen years, developing and delivering a variety of Art & Identity workshops in Argentina and Canada for community, school and non-for-profit organizations. In her multi-faceted career, she has also explored other disciplines such as dance and music. She spent several years photographing landscapes while traveling through Argentina. In Canada, she has found in painting a creative way of coping with the immigration experience.

Passionate about exploring different art media and techniques, Harari creates in her Winnipeg studio abstract paintings full of unlimited imaginative scenarios. She is inspired by micro and macro elements of nature, water, cosmos, movement and relationships between the environment and the self. She also experiments with acrylics and digital art work to create symbolic images inspired by her spiritual kabalistic traditions. Harari brings the mystical idea of "As above, so below" into some of her paintings.

Harari has participated and sold her art exhibitions in Winnipeg, and has been commissioned to create paintings for cities like Buenos Aires and Madrid.

Some of Harari's paintings have been awarded finalist in international art competitions.

Some of her art works can be seen in her website: