Winnipeg Film Group: BIPOC Bursary Fund

BIPOC Bursary Fund


The Winnipeg Film Group's Workshop BIPOC Bursary Fund is designed to assist Manitoba filmmakers from Indigenous or diverse cultural backgrounds (of all ages) in furthering their knowledge of the art of filmmaking.


  • Bursaries are available to Indigenous* applicants or those from diverse cultural backgrounds* of all ages who are Manitoba residents
  • Candidates can register for and attend WFG workshop(s) of their choice
  • $5,000 in bursaries are available annually and will be awarded throughout the year
  • Bursary recipients can only take up to (6) workshops in a calendar year and must re-apply for each workshop they wish to attend
  • There are no deadlines for this fund – applications are always accepted

*Indigenous peoples, for the purposes of this program, include Status, Non-Status, Métis and Inuit people. Diverse Cultural Background refers to persons of African, Asian, Latin American or Middle Eastern origin.

Please fill out this jotform if you're interested.

If you would prefer to have an in-person or phone call discussion of your artistic resume, reference letter and this application form, we can set up a date and time if this is a more comfortable option for you.
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