Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts: Beginning the Ukelele Level 2


AGES 12+

TUESDAYS | 7:15 pm– 8:15 pm | January 18 – March 8
COST: $160 | INSTRUCTOR: Phil Natividad | CLASS LENGTH: 8 Weeks

This class continues from where Beginning the Ukulele left off – we'll explore playing melody with fingerpicking, more strum patterns, add to your chord vocabulary and learn some music theory as it pertains to the ukulele. Basic requirements to participate in Level 2: familiarity with C (C, Am, F, G7) and G (G, Em, C, D7) chord families; can play basic 4/4/ time strum patterns (Shuffle, Swing, Church Lick, Calypso/Island); ability to read chord charts and some tablature; ability to do some finger picking, including the C scale.

Instrument information: Soprano, Tenor or Concert Ukulele. We recommend the Kala K-AS mahogany soprano ukulele. A clip-on ukulele tuner (Snark or similar) is required.

**As this is an in-person class, we require proof of full vaccination to be presented at the first lesson.**