Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art: One-on-One Mentorships, Application Deadline January 27

MAWA: Mentoring Artists for Women's Art

One-on-One Mentorships: Apply by Jan. 27

Application deadline: Thursday, January 27 at noon

For women and gender minority MAWA members. Cost to successful applicants: $75 If finances are a barrier please speak to MAWA staff.

This tailored, customizable, individual mentorship program is intended to serve your unique needs as a visual artist. Perhaps you are a mid-career artist who would like focussed feedback and advice on your work and career. Maybe you have limited time to devote to a program. Or perhaps you have unsuccessfully applied to the Foundation Mentorship Program in the past but are still interested in mentorship.

One-on-One Mentorship offers you focussed attention from a mentor of your choice. They can reside anywhere, locally, nationally or internationally. You and the mentor will be responsible for setting up meeting dates and times. At the conclusion of your time together, you and the mentor will be required to provide written feedback to help MAWA make adjustments going forward, so that subsequent participants can benefit from your experience.

In order to apply, you must reach out to the person you would like to work with and get a commitment from them to meet with you for 6 hours over a period of 4 months. MAWA will pay One-on-One mentors $600.

If they agree, please submit a single PDF labelled with your name that contains:

5 images of your work;

a one-page letter introducing your proposed mentor and describing how they can help you to advance your practice;

your artist résumé

a copy of email correspondence with the mentor.

Send the PDF in an email with "One-on-One January" in the subject heading to Adriana at

A limited number of mentee/mentor pairings will be selected. There is no fee to apply, but you must be a MAWA member. Successful applicants will be charged $75 for the program. If finances are a barrier, please speak with MAWA staff. Note: those who have been an FMP mentee in the past 3 years are ineligible to apply.