Independent Dancers and Gas Station Arts Centre: Silent... LAB DANCE, April 10 and June 5

INDEPENDENT DANCERS/GAS STATION ARTS CENTRE, Silent ... LAB DANCE, April 10 & June 5 @ 8pm — Gas Station Arts Centre ($10/donation)

Witness the between space and unseen tensions figuring dancing bodies blanketed in silence @ GSAC

These minimalist dance experiences will feature D-Anne Kuby, Ian Mozdzen & Carol-Ann Bohrn — dancing in close/far proximity on bare stage to witnesses ... with a soundtrack of only room ambience.

Stark and focused and kinetic ... observe the space in the "between" of the movers — what forms and invisible tensions exist in the simple confrontation of bodies in silence? How does dance form and reform within this unembellished audiospatial enivornment?

Think REAL reality; not VIRTUAL reality.

April's LAB features Ian & D-Anne: PEOPLE IN BETWEEN

June's LAB features Carol-Ann, Ian & D-Anne: PEOPLE AWAY HEAD TOWARD

lab durations: 40 minutes


Contact: Ian Mozdzen OR Gas Station Arts Centre

In partnership with The Gas Station Arts Centre.