Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts: April - May Group Classes

Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts April - May Group Classes



AGES 16+

THUSDAYS | 7:00 – 9:00 PM | April 7-28 | Virtual
COST: $100 | INSTRUCTOR: John Einarson

Why Winnipeg? Why has so much world class music over many years come from our prairie city? Singers and musicians of all musical stripes have gone on to shape and influence music across the country and around the globe. Join music historian and author of the recent book "Heart of Gold: A History of Winnipeg Music", John Einarson, as he takes participants on a lively multi-media journey. Over a series of four classes, we will explore the evolution of music in Winnipeg from a variety of music genres including Indigenous, francophone, country music, folk and roots music, classical and opera, dance bands and jazz, blues, and rock 'n' roll.

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AGES 20+

SATURDAY | 1:00 – 2:30 PM | May 7 | In-Person
COST: $50 | INSTRUCTOR: Jean van der Merwe

This workshop is all about F-U-N! It's designed for all of us who have ever wanted to dance and sing our way out of the theatre after watching a musical! Learn the basics of musical theatre: acting, singing, and choreography in a fun, relaxed, and supportive environment. No experience required. The workshop will include some fun warm-ups, drama games, acting and movement, and basic dance moves. Invite your friends to join you for a fun and fabulous afternoon!

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Beginning Ukulele Level 3

AGES 12+

TUESDAYS | 7:15 – 8:15 PM | April 5 – May 24
COST: $160 | INSTRUCTOR: Phil Natividad | In-Person

Beginning the Ukulele Level 3 reviews basic 3/4 and 4/4 time strum patterns, fingerpicking, arpeggios, and open position chords. You will be introduced to new concepts including chord inversions up the fret board (major, minor and dominant 7th chords), chord progressions (I, IV, V & more), the circle of fifths, advanced fingerpicking, strumming patterns and specialty strokes. Students interested in this class should be familiar with basic strum patterns and fingerpicking, know the C major scale and open positions chords in C, F, G, A, D, and Bb, and can read chord charts, some notation and tablature. Don't know if this class is right for you? Email us at and we will put you in touch with the instructor to assess your skills.

Instrument information: Soprano, Tenor or Concert Ukulele. We recommend the Kala K-AS mahogany soprano ukulele. A clip-on ukulele tuner (Snark or similar) is required.

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SATURDAYS | 1:00 – 3:00 PM | April 9 - 30
COST: $100 | INSTRUCTORS: Ed Byard, Jim Hildred & Kaj Aslak | In-Person

Come and explore the wonderful world of bluegrass music with fellow musicians in a series of four jam sessions. Open to acoustic string players and vocalists this jam session will include instructional components on the history, technique and fundamentals of blue grass music. Facilitated by Ed Byard, Jim Hildred and Kaj Aslak (members of the Manitoba Old Tyme and Bluegrass Society) these sessions are sure to be a whole lot of toe-tappin' fun.

Participants will be provided with 3-4 music selections to prepare for each session when they register. Instrumentalists wanting to participate should be able to play major chords on their instruments, as well as be comfortable moving from one chord position to another fluidly at a moderate tempo.

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