Bond Institute: Refreshment for the Soul, June 9

Bond Institute: Refreshment for the Soul, June 9th

"The end and final aim of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."

- J. S. Bach

The Bond Institute invites you to a live performance, free improvisation for solo piano. Thursday June 9th, 7:30 PM @All Saints Church, 521 Osborne (corner of Broadway & Osborne). Free concert. All are welcome.

In this performance, I will present an intimate, living-on-the-edge art form, an improvised concert, with no pre-planned material, no songs or prepared pieces, & only one rule: avoid musical quotations & well-known themes. Expect a stream of conciousness musical soliloquy, a free-flowing fantasy through many styles, time periods, harmonies, techniques & my own personal innovations."

Representative work from a live stream

As a student, listening to the legendary Canadian pianists Glenn Gould & Oscar Peterson - & loving both equally - I never chose between classical & popular/jazz music. Later, I sought the new, original, experimental & difficult. I worked at sound art, experimental computer music & algorithmic composition, but now I return to my roots, the acoustic piano. For the past decade I've been practising keyboard, accompanying dance, teaching & studying the Great Masters. Fundamental & universal, music is a language, a healing art & the epitome of the soul's desire for freedom, expression & meaning.

The "Bond Institute" is the name of an ongoing art project by Daryn Bond. Bond has presented works at Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival, Send + Receive: a Festival of Sound, Cluster: New Music & Integrated Arts Festival, & published on music theory at the International Computer Music Conference.

To re-assemble & restore community, find kindred spirits, make friends, recruit students, seek opportunity, embark on new adventure...

Bond Institute: Refreshment for the Soul

All Saints Church (Broadway & Osborne)

Thursday, June 9

Begins at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets Free


Unrestricted access. All welcome.