The Circus of Objects: Cabaret Event, May 30

The Circus of Objects

On May 30 the Circus of Objects Will presents its final program for the 2021/22 season with a boat load of talent in its pseudo-cabaret format. The guests for May 30 are Louella Lester (hurrah hurrah), Robert Fordyce (yippee), videos by jaymez and Doug Quidam (no kidding around with this talent) and a little bit of DADA DUMbing (oh, spare us).

The program begins at 7 pm at X-Cues, at 551 Sargent Avenue. Come early and dine on fine dining and/or sip on your favourite beverage.

It is a pass the hat affair. We got the hat. We actually got two hats. Three if you really want to be generous.

Long live Pataphysics.